Not a spring song.../春の曲ではなくて…

Hey everyone - I know it's been a long time since I've written here. Everything has been progressing nicely, but so steadily that there haven't been a lot of big events to spur me to write. But I wanted to say hi and let you know how things are.


Spring has finally hit Tokyo. The streets smell like flowers and it seems like every week they're adorned with different color blossoms. I think I should write a spring song. Instead, I wrote a winter song. I started it in winter, but I wasn't able to finish it until recently. The first lyric says "外は寒そう。風が聞こえる。冬にできるのは春を待つだけだ。" ("It looks so cold outside, and I can hear the wind. The only thing to do in winter is wait for spring.") I'm planning to record it this summer, and I have an idea for a music video with an artist friend. That'll probably be released next winter. In the meantime, I've got a couple other music videos planned, including a lyric video for "Lost in Japan" from my latest release and a cover of "おなじ話" by Humbert Humbert.

やっと春に東京になって来ました。道は花の匂いがいっぱいで、毎週新しい咲いた花で道の色も新しくなる。春の曲を作るべきでしょう。その代わりに冬の曲を作りました。冬に作り始めましたが、最近まで終えられませんでした。曲の歌詞は、「外は寒そう。風が聞こえる。冬にできるのは春を待つだけだ。」と始まる。この夏に録音して、画家の友達と一緒にビデオを作る予定です。多分それを次の冬にリリースします。その時まで、2つの他のビデオの予定があります。1つは、「Lost in Japan」のリーリックビデオ。もう1つは、ハンバートハンバートの「おなじ話」っていう曲のカバーです。

As far as live shows, I'm playing more regularly now. I've got 4 shows in May. I found a great venue called Crossings near where I live in Shimokitazawa. It's a venue that focuses on indie acoustic artists and is very community-building focused. Though it's still quite tough speaking Japanese, I've made friends with several great musicians who are part of that community. You should check them out: Gennosuke Ota, Taiga Mizota, Nui, Shuji Akasaka. Shuji Akasaka is also the manager organizer of Yoyogi Seesaw Fest a yearly indie music festival in Tokyo.

ライブについては、前より多くやっています。五月で4つがあります。最近、Crossingsという下北沢の近くにあるライブハウスを見つけました。それは、アコースチック•インディーズのライブハウスです。とてもいいミュージシャンのコミュニティがあるのライブハウスです。私には、日本語がまだ難しいのに、このコミュニティでとても素敵なシンガーソングライターに会えました。彼らの音楽を聴いてください。OTA GENNOSUKEtaiga mizotaぬい赤坂シュウジ。赤坂さんは毎年の東京の代々木シーソーフェスティバルのオーガナイザーです。

Other that, I'm continuing my learning of Japanese language and people and enjoying the warm weather. Still in love with Japan and looking forward to whatever's next.

Til soon!



New Music Video! / 新しいPV!

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I've written here.  I hope to write a full update soon.  For now I just wanted to let you know that I've released a new music video. It's for my Japanese song "Shizukanako." 

I shot it with some friends: Haruna Maekawa (actress), Natsuki Toshinari (director of photography), and Marina Maekawa (director/producer/editor)

Please take a look!  Let me know what you think.  And if you like it, please share it around!


友達と作ったPVです。それは、前川 華奈(俳優)、俊成 名月(撮影)、前川 真梨奈 (ディレクター、プロデューサー、編集)です。 


CD Release / CDのリリース

Last night's release show was so great! I'm so thankful to the many people who came to see it. Mona Records is a fantastic venue with a cool atmosphere, friendly staff, and great sound. I enjoyed hearing the other bands as well: Usabarashi, Sour of Fragaria, Dendrobium and The Motion Light. Check them out!  I'm also grateful to the beautiful violin playing of Yoshimi Sugiura who plays on the CD, and was kind enough to play with me at last night's show!


Here's a few pictures of me and them a picture with all the bands!

昨日の夜のCD発売のライブはすごくサクセスです!人がたくさん来てくれました。それはありがたいです!モナレコードは素敵なライブハウスです。かっこいい雰囲気と優しい店員と良い音響があります。他の上手なバンドを聞けるので嬉しいです。それは、憂さ晴らしと、Sour of Fragariaと、Dendrobiumと、The Motion Lightです。聴いてください!バイオリニストの杉浦佳美は、本当にありがとうございます。すごく上手な音を出しました。CDの録音と昨日のライブで引きました。



2018-10-06 23.29.28.jpg

If you want to listen to the CD, Shizukanako, it's everywhere online now: Apple Music, Spotify, Line Music, Melon, and so on. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

新しいCD(静かな子)を聴来たかったら、オンラインです。Apple MusicSpotifyとLine MusicとMelonなどにあります。聴いて、思いを教えてください!

One Year! / 一年間!

Happy anniversary to me!  Today marks a year since I arrived in Japan. What a year... My expectations of Japan were quite high, and it has surpassed all of them. I am glad to say that I am still excited for and eager to learn Japanese, meet Japanese people, and immerse in Japanese culture. My language skills have improved to the point where I am able to make friends with people who don't speak any English at all.



Learning Japanese has allowed me to get into the music scene too, booking shows in live houses and collaborating with Japanese musicians. In addition to studying the language which I still do almost daily and making friends, my year has consisted of moving three times, having changing jobs twice, traveling to Osaka and Aichi, going to the beach in Chiba, eating all kinds of food, becoming a regular at cafes where they know my order, traveling to Korea, playing ten live shows, and most recently, recording a 2-song single CD.



The title track for the CD is Shizukanako (Quiet Child), my first recording of an original song in Japanese. I recorded it along with violinist Yoshimi Sugiura, of the jazz band Atomic Heart.

The other track is called "Lost in Japan," a song I wrote exactly one year ago, upon first arriving in Japan. The calligraphy on the CD cover was painted by my Nagoya friend Yuka Nozue.  I'm so grateful to have such talented friends!

そのCDのタイトルは、「静かな子」です。CDの中で、同じなタイトルを付くて一曲もあります。最初のオリジナルな日本語曲の録音です。この曲を、バイオリニストの杉浦 佳美が弾きます。

CDの他の曲は、「Lost in Japan」っていう歌です。この歌を、日本に来て、その最初の1週間で作りました。CDの表紙の書道は、野末侑花が書いたものどす。すごく上手な友達がいるのでありがたいです。

2018-09-18 14.46.01-1.jpg

I'll be releasing that CD at my show at Mona Records live house in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on October 6th. You can look here for information if you'd like to come!

My next project is a music video for Shizukanako, which I'm producing with Marina Maekawa and Natsuki Toshinari.  I'm excited to share it with you when it's finished. I'll also be playing some other shows in October and November, including a birthday party show on my birthday on October 28th at my friend Megumi Rain's beautiful Cafe Cheshmeh in Sasazuka. Mizukijiku and Raven's Tale -- two great local singer-songwriter duos will join me for the celebration.


次のプロジェクトは「静かな子」のミュージックビデオです。それを前川 真梨奈と俊成名月と作ります。作り終わったら、あなたがたとシェアをできるのを楽しみしています。

ビデオと発売ライブ以外、もう三つのライブをします。そのうちで、一つは10月28日に誕生日のライブです。友達のバンドの美月時空とRaven's Taleと、一緒にそのライブをします。


This has been a life-changing year, and I can't wait for the year to come!  I'll be in touch!

Mona Records Show / モナレコードのライブ

Hi everyone! It's been a few months since I've written, but I'm still here. Last month, on June 30th, I reached an important goal I had set for myself. I played a show at Mona Records in Shimokitazawa. Mona Records caters to Japanese indie rock and folk groups, and it was the first show I've played that's within the Japanese music scene. Especially to play in Shimokitazawa, my favorite town in Tokyo and where I live, was like a dream.

Here's a video of the show!

こんにちは!数ヶ月書かなかったけど、まだ生きていますよ。先月、6月30日に、大切な目標が叶いました。下北沢にあるMona Recordsってライブハウスでライブをしました。Mona Recordsでは、インディーロックとインディーフォークのバンドが演奏します。6月30日のライブは、 日本の音楽の世界でした、初めてでした。特に、一番好きで住んでいる町下北沢で演奏することは、夢のようなことでした。



This was the last in a series of 5 shows in 2 months. I'm going to take a break from live shows now for the summer. I'm planning to record two songs, Lost in Japan and Shizukanako (Quiet Child) and release them as a single at my next show on October 6th, which will be my anniversary show (it will have been one year since my arrival in Japan).

I might even make a music video for one of them if time allows.  I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy the video, and talk to you soon!

2ヶ月間で、5つのライブをして、これは、そのライブのうちで、最後です。今から、夏の間、ライブをしません。そのかわり、曲を2つを録音するつもりです。その曲は、Lost in Japanと静かな子って歌です。私の次のライブは10月6日です。一周年記念のライブです。(日本に来て、一年経ちました)。そのライブで、その録音した曲を発売のつもりです。



最初の年老いた日本人の友達/My first old Japanese friend




何回も行ったので、そのおじいさんは、私の顔を見分けられるのようになりました。3週間前くらい、「何人だ?」と私に聞きました。「アメリカから来ましたけど、アルゼンチン出身です」と私は彼に答えました。少しびっくりしたおじいさんは、こう聞きました。「スペイン語をできる?」「できます」と私は答えました。おじいさんは、喜んで、「Buenas noches」と言いました。私は「Buenas noches」と彼に答えました。おじいさん、「Gracias」。そして、私、「De nada」と言いました。それから、お支払いをして 、帰りました。

次の日の夜、店にまた買い物をしに行きました。また、おじいさんはいました。「こんばんは!いらしゃいませ!」と言って、それから「あんたは、何人?」と聞きました。「アレゼンチン人ですよ」と私は言いました。おじいさんは、びっくりして、「そうか!Buenas noches」と嬉しそうにまた言いました。


Today's post is a story about my neighborhood. I wrote it to study Japanese, but it's a true story. This is the English translation.

Near my home, between my apartment and the train station, there's a small butcher's shop. Of course, they sell other things besides meet. Three people work at that shop: A man, a woman, and an old man. I believe that they are a family. Three or four times a week, I go there to buy various things. Usually it's at night, after work, and the old man is working.

I've been there so often that the old man has gotten to recognize my face. About three weeks ago, he asked me "What's your nationality?" "I came from the United States, but I'm originally from Argentina," I answered. The old man was surprised and asked "Do you speak Spanish?" "I do," I answered. The old man said "Buenas noches," and I replied, "Buenas noches." "Gracias," said the old man. "De nada," I said. Then I paid for my purchase and went home.


The next evening, I went back to the store to do some shopping. The old man was there. "Good evening, welcome," he said, and then "What's your nationality?" "I'm Argentinian," I said. The old man was surprised and happily said "Really! Buenas noches" again.

Since then, when I go to the shop, we always have the same conversation. He is my first old Japanese friend.

日本語で作ったこと/Something I wrote in Japanese








Hi!  It's been a long time!

I wrote something in Japanese and I want to share it with you. Also, I want to let you know about my next shows (2 in May, 3 in June). You can see them at this link. Anyway, here's a translation of the Japanese thing I wrote:

With a loud voice, the Sun sang "Good morning," but no one heard it. If people can ignore such a big voice, who could hear my little voice?

What a sad thing that is, isn't it?

However, one day I noticed something. I saw that when the Sun sang its sunshine song, the flowers bloomed and heard that song. Seeing that, I thought: 

Maybe, somewhere in the world, there is a flower who can hear my song too.

I think that would be a nice thing.

2018-04-29 18.05.37.jpg

Happy New Year 明けましておめでとう

Happy belated new year. So, I'm now moved to my new home in Shimokitazawa. I love it here. It's full of cafes, vintage goods shops, restaurants, colors, and people, music venues (live houses) and cool narrow streets. (The streets in Japan are all pedestrian streets, until a car drives through. Sidewalks are uncommon.)


Last week I ventured into Mona Records, a live house in Shimokitazawa that has been recommended to me as a place that's good for acoustic, indie-folk sets. I spoke to a manager regarding playing a show there. Once again, despite my endless hours of studying Japanese, I was able only to sputter loose words and to grasp even fewer and looser words from what was said. But eventually we managed to exchange the relevant information, and I've booked a show there for May!

先週、モナレコードという下北沢でライブハスに入りました。店のマネージャーとライブをすることについて話しました。何時間も日本語を勉強しているにも、かかわらず、単語を並べることしかできませんでした 。僕が言えた言葉より、マネージャーの言った言葉の方がもっと分かりませんでした。だけど、どうにか、大切なことを一緒に話し合うことができました。5月にそこでライブをします!

In the meantime, I'm continuing to play shows within the ex-pat scene -- at Pub Republic Irish pub in Otsuka, Restaurant Papera in Shinjuku, and most recently at Infinity Books near Asakusa. The scene has been quite supportive and everyone's been very inviting to me. It's been nice to be able to land in Japan and right away find shows to play. I'm thankful to the organizers, especially Andi Brooks, Ade Crawley, and Maya Masaki Knighton of Magic Marmalade Folk Duo, who I shared the bill with on a couple of weeks ago.

そんななか、外国人の音楽の世界でライブをしています。大塚のPub Republicというアイリッシュパブと新宿のレストランパペラと浅草の近くにあるインフィニティブックスという本屋でです。ここでは、みんな僕を歓迎してくれています。主催者の皆さんありがたいです。Andi Brooks、Ade Crawley、とMagic MarmaladeというバンドのMaya Masaki Knighton. ありがとう!

I'm starting to dream up plans for recording my next album at the end of this year and releasing it (perhaps along with a Japan or Asia tour) the following summer. I'm thinking of presenting the songs as I've written them chronologically, as a sort of documentation of my journey to and within Japan. Perhaps too much of my future is unknown for that sort of planning right now, as I'm still fighting to find solid ground and to learn to communicate with the people surrounding me, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

In the meantime, here's my latest song, possibly titled "And You Save Me."  Enjoy!

今、新しいアルバム作りの予定を考えています。今年が終わる前には作りたくて、来年の夏に発売したい。これは、最新の歌です。タイトルは(多分)「And You Save Me」です。楽しんでください!