Now living in Tokyo, indie-folk singer-songwriter Diego Davidenko was born in Argentina and moved to New York at age nine. The transition to America, along with his subsequent moves around the country–from New York to Iowa to Texas to California, and now to Japan - helped form the unique insight that he fashions into highly personal songs. His songs are aesthetically influenced by artists such as Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith and Belle and Sebastian, but have distinctive melodic and lyrical twists all their own.

Raw, honest and thought-provoking, Diego’s heartfelt songs weave through the range of human emotions and experiences: nostalgia, love, isolation, hope, remorse, frustration, and a yearning for meaning and human connection. With catchy and unexpected melodies, they invite audiences into the palpably intimate heart of an artist who writes and sings to make sense of and find his place in the world.

Diego released his third album, the two-song single Shizukanako, on October 5th, 2018. It includes "Shizukanako," his first recording of an original song in Japanese, as well as "Lost in Japan," composed in the first week upon arriving in Japan.

Now performing regularly in Tokyo, Diego has toured the United States twice and has played venues as far flung as Mexico City and his birth country of Argentina. His music has been featured in independent films including The Strongest Drug and Cures Anything. His debut album, It Isn’t Home, was well received by press and audiences and received airplay at national and international radio including KCSN (Los Angeles), KCSC (Chico, CA) and Radio Estación Sur (La Plata, Argentina).


アメリカのシンガーソングライター ディエゴ・ダヴィデンコは一年程前に来日しました。音楽のジャンルはアコースティックのインディーフォークです。ボブ・ディランやサイモン&ガーファンクルのようなメロディーです。アメリカにてCDを二枚を作って、アメリカ横断ツアーを行いました。10月5日には自身初の日本語での楽曲「静かな子」をリリースしました。Apple MusicとかSpotifyなどで聴けます。

If staring up at the ceiling contemplating life could ever have a soundtrack, Diego Davidenko would be the one playing it.
— Monterey County Weekly
It Isn’t Home is an album yearning to belong...Davidenko’s lyrics are the dry insights of the disconnected observer.
— Songwriting Magazine