When the songs are strong all those other variables aren’t even necessary. Case in point is the new album from folk/pop songwriter Diego Davidenko. This album [In an Empty House] presents songs simply, using only the essential ingredients to get the point across.

- BabySue LMNOP


It Isn’t Home has a lot of childlike qualities to it. The songs are quirky and often sound lighthearted but there is a lot of weight in the lyrics. Davidenko explores feelings of being lost and not fitting in with the album’s lyrics.
— Adam Morgan, Surviving the Golden Age


If staring up at the ceiling contemplating life could ever have a soundtrack, Diego Davidenko would be the one playing it.
— Monterey County Weekly


Overall, this is a perfect coffee house soundtrack, give it a listen with that spiced pumpkin latte. Music like this will make it taste better.
— Power Popaholics


Davidenko evokes the bucolic rush of love and the emotional repercussions that often accompany any honest expression of affection.
— Joshua Pickard, Nooga.com


Diego Davidenko charts an intimate journey into the past and out towards the future on ‘Where the Sky Is Infinite,’ a kind of folk-pop pilgrim’s progress
— KDHX.org


Diego Davidenko’s songs were painfully passionate
— Jennie Webb, Bitter-Lemons


There’s a lot of honesty in what [Davidenko] writes, and his music is kind of a fresh prospective coming from that folk-music genre.
— Evan Clark, The Daily Iowan


Diego Davidenko’s song Elliott is the coolest song ever about Elliott Smith!
— Julie Slater, KCSN 88.5, Out on a Limb


Diego Davidenko is like a poor man’s James Taylor
— Jonathan Knight, Audience Member