Here we go... 行きましょう…

So I'm off to Japan now! I have to admit that leaving the U.S. feels like leaving home, despite writing an entire album about it not being home. Here's a picture of my last L.A. sunset:


2017-09-12 18.38.24.jpg

I played my last show in America a few nights ago, in a cool San Francisco cafe called Bazaar Cafe. Such a sweet way to say goodbye, sharing the stage with my friends, especially my surrogate kid sister Carlie Mari, who lent her beautiful voice to my last album. Below is a video from the show! The song is called "A Fair Exchange."

My first tasks upon arriving in Japan will be to learn to survive, go to the market, etc. So I'm not sure when my first musical event will be. But I'll keep you posted.

素敵なサンフランシスコのカフェで、最後のライブでした。妹のような友達Carlie Mariと一緒に音楽ができたので嬉しかったです。下にショーのビデオがあります。曲の名前は"Fair Exchange (良い報酬)"です。


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