I'm here! ここにいます!

Here I am, in Japan. I guess it's been only 3 weeks, but I feel I've crammed months of living into them. Every experience has been new and exciting, ordering coffee is an adventure, switching trains in Shinjuku is a mysterious process that could or could not take me where I'm headed. Every day is a new food, a new friend, a new city, a new word, a new challenge. I've seen art festivals with public dancing and music, impromptu Taiko drumming and traditional song at the senior center next door to my apartment. Every person I've met so far has been helpful, kind, and considerate. It's been fairly non-stop, though I may be wearing myself thin and might have to sleep soon...


I had my first performance in Japan this last Tuesday Ruby Room in Shibuya, Tokyo. I played two songs. My buddy David shot them for me. The first one is "The Preacher Say," with an ad libbed silence where I forgot the words... The second is a song I wrote my first week in Japan. It's called "Lost in Japan." This was its public premiere, though technically I premiered it at my new friend Chie's beautiful cafe and gallery Shelter Kuko, where they host a weekly English-Japanese exchange and musicians showcase group.

今週の火曜日、渋谷でRuby Roomで、最初の公開のライブしました。二つ歌を歌いました。デェビドと言う友達がヴィデオを撮りました。最初の歌は、Preacher Sayです。他の歌は、日本にいる最初の週に書きた歌です。歌の名前は、Lost in Japanです。本当に、先週、Shelter Kukoと言う新しい友達の綺麗なカフェこで、その歌を初めて歌いました。

The path for an American folk-singer in Japan is unclear to me. Open mics, coffee shops and bars with music are not the norm here, as far as I can tell. Nor is busking. I'm not sure what avenues to follow – but I'm putting myself out there, meeting people, drinking in Japan as much as I can hold, and excited to see what happens!

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Here we go... 行きましょう…

So I'm off to Japan now! I have to admit that leaving the U.S. feels like leaving home, despite writing an entire album about it not being home. Here's a picture of my last L.A. sunset:


2017-09-12 18.38.24.jpg

I played my last show in America a few nights ago, in a cool San Francisco cafe called Bazaar Cafe. Such a sweet way to say goodbye, sharing the stage with my friends, especially my surrogate kid sister Carlie Mari, who lent her beautiful voice to my last album. Below is a video from the show! The song is called "A Fair Exchange."

My first tasks upon arriving in Japan will be to learn to survive, go to the market, etc. So I'm not sure when my first musical event will be. But I'll keep you posted.

素敵なサンフランシスコのカフェで、最後のライブでした。妹のような友達Carlie Mariと一緒に音楽ができたので嬉しかったです。下にショーのビデオがあります。曲の名前は"Fair Exchange (良い報酬)"です。


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Off to Japan, soon. 日本に行く、すぐ

Hi all.  I'm moving to Japan! So I thought I would start a blog and document my experience. This is my first time blogging, so I'll be figuring things out as I get used to it.

I'm still in the U.S., but I'll be moving to Japan in about two weeks. I don't know what it means to be an American singer-songwriter in Japan, but I'm excited to figure it out. That's what I'll be exploring in this blog, as well as whatever experiences come my way. 

I'll try to post things in English and Japanese, but as my Japanese is developing, my Japanese entries will be simpler and probably have incorrect grammar, but I'll do by best.  My Japanese has improved, though, to the point where I wrote a song in Japanese. Here it is, sung with my friend Naoko Oie (@pomegranate__ on Instagram).

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こんにちは、みなさん。日本に引っ越すので、ブログを始めることにします。日本でシンガーソングライターになるアメリカ人が将来的にどうなるのか僕には分かりません。このブログで、そのことを尋ねてみたい。僕の日本語は下手だから、英語の書き込みより、日本語の書き込みは間違えてて短いでしょう。でも、頑張ります! とりあえず、私の最初の日本語の歌を見せます。